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PitchMe for Recruiters Powering your experience with our technology
Our powerful AI enriches your current candidate database
and optimises your shortlisting process.
Make more placements in less time
for a fraction of the cost
PitchMe's SaaS solution plugs into your existing CRM, ATS and other systems
Instantly enriched
Your existing database is instantly updated and candidate profiles are automatically enriched with external sources.
Matching in seconds
Automated matching generates an accurate shortlist for clients in seconds by applying deep search criteria.
Remove biases
PitchMe helps remove inherent hiring biases by utilising skills-based matching technology.
Benefits for recruiters
Reduce screening time by up to 80%
Over 60% revenue increase per desk
Double placement volume
Faster reaction to complex roles
by Automated matching and shortlisting
Bring additional value to your clients
30% higher probation period pass rate (therefore reducing rebate likelihood)
1 in 5 client interviewed candidates successfully placed
Vacancies placed 3x faster on average
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